15 apps that make my life easier

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When I compare life now, to how it was a decade ago, I realise just how easy we have it. Back then there were no phone apps to help you organise and live your day, no Facebook app to remind you that its someone’s birthday today or to use as an invitation service for your parties, even taking photos and having them printed is now instantaneous through an app instead of the three day printing process we used to endure. This is all great but it is making me heavily reliant on my phone, in fact there are some apps that I simply cannot be without, they make my life so much simpler that I’d now be lost without them.

Here are my favourite fifteen apps:

  1. Apple Pay: this came out in 2015 and is probably the best of all the apps I have, setting it up was quick and simple and now so is paying for things in a shop. Now more places are starting to accept Apple Pay I find myself using it more and even going out of my way to shops and business that I know accept it. Some people do prefer to use Android Pay instead of Apple Pay, you can read the pros and cons of both online.
  2. Trello: I have a lot of on-going project, each of which have moving parts and because of this I often struggle to keep on top of where I am. This problem is intensified when I am working on projects with other people as it is difficult to keep everyone updated on every movement. This is where Trello really helped me, it is a simple to use tool that is perfect to help you manage a project (or more) to completion.
  3. Office Mobile: the long awaited mobile version of Microsoft Office is finally here and it does not disappoint. As someone who uses their phone and iPad to work on the go, it is good to have document and spreadsheet creating software that I am familiar with.
  4. Expensify: a personal finance tool and actually enables you to scan and categorise your receipts.
  5. Google Now: like Siri, you can ask this app anything from directions to recipes to weather reports. Google will search your question and present you with the results, which I find are usually more releant and on-topic than Siri’s answers.
  6. Sunrise: there are lots of calendar apps but I prefer to use Sunrise. It is easy to use and syncs with Microsoft Exchange, Google and iCloud bringing all of my appointments together in one place which in turn helps me to plan my day.
  7. Shazam: I have lost countless hours trying to remember where I heard that song and who sings it, now I don’t have to wonder. I simply play the song to the app and it gives me information about the song and the artist.
  8. RescueTime: I have often been guilty of wasting my time on social networking and getting distracted by funny videos on You Tube, until I downloaded RescueTime. This app helps you to break down how you spend your time, set goals and even block sites that you have spent too much time on.
  9. Pocket: I often see long articles or recipes while I am out and about and don’t have time to read them, Pocket allows me to save everything I want to read later, in one place.finger-1002577_640
  10. Asana: this is another app that helps in managing people, unlike trello this app focuses more on communicating with your team, rather than managing the project/task. This app does make it much easier to keep in touch with people, there is no need for long email threads or lengthy telephone conversations.
  11. TripIt: I have found this to be a great for personal/family holiday as well as business trips. This app organises all your trip information, such as flight times, details of hotel and even an itinerary of the holiday in one place, so you and everyone else on the trip can have all of the information to hand.
  12. CityMapper: this is essentially a navigation system, but what I like about it is that it works offline and even if you lose data connection.
  13. Waze: this is a fantastic app for dodging traffic and roadworks, I use it every time I intend to use a new route I haven’t taken in a while, or if I am going somewhere for an appointment and want to make sure there won’t be any delays.
  14. Flipboard: I like reading different newspapers and magazines and catching up with social networking, while travelling and this is when I use Flipboard the most. It generates headlines and magazines that it thinks I will be interested in, along with updates from my social networking pages.
  15. Flush Toilet Finder: nothing is worse than needing a number 2 when you are in a public place…where do you go? Well there’s an app for that too! This app has a list of public toilets in countries all over the world, helping you with the search for a suitable loo.

These are just fifteen of the many apps that help me to run my life and not completely lose track of my mind.