Planning this year’s holiday

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I love this time of year. With spring finally taking hold and warmer air making a welcome appearance, thoughts inevitably turn to the holidays. It’s nearly vacation time! And, on that note, I’ve been thinking recently about how best to spend my holidays this year.

My boyfriend and I always begin planning our annual holiday activity as early as possible, but we’re a little late this year. So, with that in mind, it’s time to get cracking.

In this post, I’m hoping to give you some holiday inspiration to aid your own plans.

Without further ado, here are 5 things we’re thinking of doing for some much needed R&R.

1. Escape to the country
We love the outdoors and there’s no better time to sample the best Mother Nature has to offer than during the summer. With that in mind, a secluded cottage surrounded by country walks and the odd pub or two sounds rather tempting.

It may well be time to grab the walking boots, pack the compass and take in some much needed fresh air.

2. Set sail
Although I’ve been on a ferry across the Channel, I’ve never sailed myself, and the idea of becoming captain for a long weekend’s holiday is growing on me.

Route-wise, I doubt we’d be that adventurous, but I do like the idea of setting sail along one of the UK’s many beautiful coastlines and checking out as many seaside towns as possible.

3. Rock out in a field
The idea of camping with thousands of revellers and dancing away in muddy fields may not be everyone’s cup of tea, nor may it seem like a particularly relaxing holiday, but my boyfriend and I are considering mixing the more leisurely stuff with something a bit louder, and one of the UK’s many festivals may well be on our hit list this summer.

4. Loved up city break
‘Staycations’ as they’re now known, are still a popular alternative to flying abroad, and I must say the idea of spending a short break in one of the UK’s many fabulous cities brings out the romantic side of me. There’s so many to chose from – Liverpool, London, Bristol and Brighton are just some of the places on our wish list.

5. Cycle tour
Both my boyfriend and I have recently got into cycling. Every weekend, we’ll head out onto the backroads and clock up the miles before popping into our favourite cafe on the way home for a deserved coffee and piece of cake. And that got us thinking: what if we combined our new love of cycling with a holiday?

The plans need fleshing out, but somewhere in our minds, a trip to the Yorkshire Dales or Cumbria with bikes in tow may provide just the right mix of relaxation and exercise to make a memorable holiday.


Well, as you can tell, I’m still undecided about this year’s holiday activities, but one thing is for sure – we’re not exactly scrabbling around for ideas. There’s so much to do in the UK and I hope my ideas above will have given you some inspiration of your own.


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