How to aim high as a blogger and let the world see your content

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Being a blogger can be a very lonely endeavour. You write on your own, publish on your own and, once you’ve sent your lovingly-crafted work out into the big, wide world, you wave it goodbye, only to realise that it too is alone.

I know this, because I’ve published an awful lot of blog content in the past that has disappeared into the ether, never to be seen again (or, at least, not to be seen by anyone else’s eyes but my own).

Thankfully, I’ve lived a little since then and have learned how to ensure as many people as possible have access to and, more importantly, want to read my writing.

I was reminded recently of a fabulous quote by an English writer, John Bunyan, who neatly summed up the desire we have as humans to overcome giant tasks. “The hill, though high, I covet to ascend,” he once said. “The difficulty will not me offend, for I perceive the way to life lies here.”

Bunyan’s words encapsulate exactly what it’s like to be a blogger in this era. If you write for the love of it and for your own satisfaction, you’ll have little concern over being heard, but if you’re doing so for commercial reasons (i.e. to earn money!), the following tips will help put your content on the world stage.

I’ve set myself a challenge, too, in that I’m going to boil this art form down to just three tips. Here we go:


1. Focus on your niche – nothing else



If you’re flitting between topics for every post you write, you’re muddying the water. Who do you want to read your blog, exactly? You can’t be all things to all people, and if every post you write focuses on a different topic (even if it’s within the same industry), you’re simply casting your net too wide.

Pick a specific niche – or element within it – and only write about that topic. You’ll then have one audience to target and will quickly establish yourself as an absolute expert in that particular field.


2. Don’t be shy


I’ll avoid using the phrase ‘reach out’, because it’s rather loathsome, but you do need to connect with as many people within your niche as possible if your blog content is to be found, shared and engaged with.

Use social media (Twitter and LinkedIn, in particular) to make friends with people who you think will find your content interesting. If they do, encourage them to share it; the likelihood is they’ll have others within their circle who will do the same and, hey presto – the domino effect begins!


3. Use email to amplify your content


Before you reach for the ‘back’ button or close your web browser entirely, convinced I’ve lost my marbles – bear with me. Email is still a vitally important communication tool these days and it can be incredibly powerful when used in conjunction with blogging.


At the end of each post, including a sign-up form (they’re easy to come by if you use WordPress and integrate with most leading email marketing clients) that encourages people to sign up to your mailing list if they enjoyed the piece they’ve just read.

It’ll take time, but people will sign up and you’ll begin to build a very engaged audience. Say “thank you” by emailing them every month with bonus content no-one else has access to and reminders of past pieces they may have missed.

This process will gradually establish a layer of trust between you and your email subscribers and, as a result, you should start to see far more shares of your content as they decide to tell their friends how wonderful you are.

Wrap up

I did it! Three super tips that will help you promote your blog and ensure it gets viewed by as many people as possible.

Most importantly – have fun. There’s no better feeling than building an audience online.


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